1. He loves it when I scratch his head lol


  2. Fasting is really hard today, I don’t know why my stomach is hurting to much from hunger :( only 6 more hours left tho.. Hmm I’m so making pancakes tonight. Also I’m thinking about starting a food blog LOL


  3. So happy! No more exams..


  4. I don’t look it but I was really happy in this photo


  5. I actually die just looking at him


  6. Anonymous said: how many hours a day do you revise?

    all the time exept from when i eat and sleep


  7. Anonymous said: why aren't you going to Brunel ?

    don’t really want to live in london anymore, that place is so dirty looooollll


  8. Cuddles with my number 1


  9. Not used to ppl taking photos of me so yeah I didn’t really know how to pose


  10. Being cute

> >