1. Not used to ppl taking photos of me so yeah I didn’t really know how to pose


  2. Being cute



  4. Anonymous asked: What do you use as a base? (Make up wise lol) ur gorgeous x

    Just a face cream from olay


  5. Anonymous asked: Why aren't u a model? You have the face for it..

    Doesn’t mean I have the body for it lollllll


  6. Anonymous asked: what subjects do you have a tutor for ?

    English literature


  7. I’ve had like 5mil naps today, being ill sucks


  8. Anonymous asked: what topic do you find the hardest for sociology ? do you think crime and deviance is hard to revise because of the 12 topics ? any advice ?!

    A2 sociology is difficult in general, just learn all the studdies and concepts off by heart and I’m sure u will be fine


  9. Anonymous asked: hey stunner what eyeshadow pallete is that and does bb curl creme work on wavy hair ??? x x x

    Sleek. I think it’s for naturally curly hair. I wouldn’t get it if u have wavy hair. no point, it’s meant to define ur curls, not give u them


  10. I’m so ill :( haven’t felt like this in a long time. i take my health for granted way too much

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