1. Anonymous said: Are you Muslim? Just asking...

    Does it effect you? Just asking..


  2. Anonymous said: What is the breed or type of turtle that you own? I'm thinking of getting one myself and do you have any tips for taking care of them?

    I don’t even kno, I brought him here illegally from the Middle East and I feed him whatever he wants to eat loll


  3. Anonymous said: you're lebanese! i knew something was familiar about you.. is your bf lebanese too?

    Nah he’s American


  4. Anonymous said: how did you meet your boyfriend?

    Shisha looolllllll


  5. Oh hey that’s my pic lol

    (Source: kingjaffejoffer)


  6. He really is my prince 🌝❤️



  8. Feeding all the nemos


  9. Scariest moment of my life


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